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Strange Loops and Gestures of Creation by Joseph Chilton Pearce

Strange Loops and Gestures of Creation by Joseph Chilton Pearce

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Strange Loops and Gestures of Creation brings the lifetime work of Joseph Chilton Pearce into symphonic resonance, sounding all of the themes that have made him one of the most significant thinkers of this time. The book, however, hardly repeats his previous work. Here it is framed in intimate, spiritual, and personal ways that open us to surprising revelations. Joseph Chilton Pearce confronts, more clearly, precisely and convincingly than any previous writing, our dire cultural situation --- we live in a collective, society that lacks true meanings of nurturing in every way. He, with equal intensity, points toward the inherent capacity of the heart – the physical heart – to bring the survival oriented brain, functioning through violence, astute manipulative sensing and perceiving, and calculative cleverness, into balance and, indeed to new creative capacities. The key to a creative culture lies in the phenomenon of the ‘strange loop’ between potential and actuality, the relation between the heart as the palpable presence within us of the universal, and the mind as the individual aspect of things. The many examples, ranging from biographical sketches of individuals to neurological research to intimate and personal stories, bring home the inescapable conclusions – we must find again the way to a holy science, that the spirit can be approached with all of the rigor of observational science, and the spirit is not ‘out there’ in the universe, but within our very being, both heart and brain.


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