As 2022 comes to a close, we are given the chance to reflect and dream. We look back on 2022 with gratitude and reverence for how far we have come and the support we have received from you. As the world continues its tumultuous turning, JPI finds grace in continuing our work of making and distributing biodynamic preparations, and honor and humility in the opportunity to serve biodynamic farmers and gardeners worldwide.

We took time this year to deeply honor the little piece of earth we steward here in Floyd, VA, all the while delivering biodynamic preparations for 40,000 acres of land. 

Our river frontage is a true blessing. However, the river crossing – a narrow bridge that often floods and leaves staff and guests stranded with but one way in or out – was addressed this year by repairing the long-neglected back entrance road that snakes its way through the hills on a scenic route from the highway on the farm. We now have access to the farm even during the heaviest rains.

We successfully installed a 1000-gallon rainwater collection cistern under the sloping roof of the root cellar that provides water for our vegetable, herb, and preparation plant beds. In addition to yarrow, valerian, and chamomile, these beds yielded over two hundred pounds of biodynamically-grown garlic last year.

In 2023, the JPI farm will finally feel the gentle presence of grazing cows! Fencing and cows are just one of JPI’s goals for 2023; we also plan to plant a small apple orchard that will serve as a living classroom for future workshops and seminars on biodynamic orcharding. We will undertake infrastructure improvements to our preparation making facilities, including development of a separate room and new ventilation system dedicated to our PfeifferTM Compost Starter.

More than anything, we hope 2023 allows JPI to welcome our community back to the farm for workshops and educational opportunities. In the meantime, we are planning our first online webinars for winter of 2023, and are expanding our educational reach with the quarterly publication of Applied Biodynamics. 

“To heal the Earth through biodynamic farming” is JPI’s mission. With your continued financial support, the Josephine Porter Institute can help heal the Earth consciously and collectively. Together, we’ll build a dynamic network that is accessible to all future generations. JPI is growing and we’d like you to come along.

Please contact our office at (540) 745-7030 or email to make a tax-deductible donation.  Alternatively, you may choose to make a one time or recurring donation using the menu below.  Thank you in advance for your generous gift to the Josephine Porter Institute. 

With blessings for all and a safe, wonderful 2022!

The JPI Staff and Board of Directors