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The Josephine Porter Institute is excited to share what we accomplished in 2020 with your support.

In February 2020, the third installment of Perma-Dynamics (the dynamic fusion of permaculture and biodynamics) began with the cohort working on their Winter Independent Study Projects. Through workshops like this, JPI continues to create a platform for biodynamic practitioners, soil scientists, chromatography specialists and permaculture experts to collaborate in projects that impact farms, gardens, co-ops, pastureland and bodies of water all over the world. 

Since March, along with the rest of the biodynamic community, JPI has worked to reimagine how to provide continued support to all farmers, gardeners, ranchers, and biodynamic enthusiasts in their making and use of biodynamic preparations.  In addition to education and outreach, there’s lots happening on the farm. We expanded our vegetable and herb beds, planted more trees, began renovations on our preparation storage (root) cellar, and are even considering adding cows to the farm. 

Our goal in 2021 is, in addition to everything else, to offer educational workshops and learning opportunities that cover a wide range of interests. “To heal the Earth through biodynamic farming” is JPI’s mission. Together, we can build a dynamic network that is accessible to all future generations. 

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