Founded in 1985, JPI is a national producer and distributor of biodynamic preparations – the enlivening forces that work dynamically within the soil, compost, and plants to ultimately provide us with healthier foods, healthier bodies, and a healthier planet.

All of our biodynamic preparations and Pfeiffer™ products are made from the highest quality natural materials available.

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Healing the Earth

We believe in regenerating the earth following sustainable biodynamic principles. Join us!

  • Soil Remedies

    The 500 "horn manure" is a remedy made from carefully aged grass-fed cow manure. In trials, it significantly improved N-fixing nodule size in legumes and improved root development in cover crops. This preparation is designed to bring renewed vitality to "tired" soils.

    Heal Your Soil 
  • Superior Compost

    Our "compost prep set" is an arsenal of exceptional medicinal herbs, each carefully aged to provide complex microbiological stimulants to your compost piles. Each herb in our complete set brings its own enzymatic activity to the compost pile, both accelerating transformation and also significantly reducing losses to off-gassing. If you are looking to make better humus for your crops, look no further. These herbal remedies work improve virtually any composting method.

    Make Even Better Compost 
  • Pfeiffer™ Exclusive Products

    We are the sole creator and distributor of the legendary Pfeiffer™ products. Dr. Ehrenfried Pfeiffer was an immediate student of Rudolf Steiner and helped introduce biodynamics to the United States by processing municipal waste into compost on an industrial scale.

    Accelerate Your Compost 
  • Pfeiffer™ Field & Garden Spray

    This remedy was developed by Dr. Ehrenfried Pfeiffer to get all the biodynamic preparations out across as much land as possible in a single pass. If you are not able to compost enough for your land or would like to bring the effect of the biodynamic remedies to your entire field, this is for you. Within mere weeks after spraying, available NPK levels doubled or even quadrupled in trials.

    Restore Fertility to Your Soil