Our Mission: Healing the Earth with Biodynamic Preparations!

JPI has been a national producer and distributer of biodynamic preparations since 1985. Over the past three years (since we moved to Floyd VA), we have produced and sold over 100,000 units of biodynamic preparations to over 2,500 practitioners of regenerative agricultural practices. During this time, we have also served customers in 48 states of the union plus 10 U.S. territories and Canadian provinces.

As a nonprofit organization, we fulfill our mission by providing the following:

  • Production of the nine biodynamic preparations for plants, fields, and compost (as first taught by Dr. Rudolf Steiner in his 1924 Agriculture Course on biodynamic agriculture)
  • Exclusive production of the Pfeiffer™ BD Compost Starter & Pfieffer™ BD Field and Garden Spray (as given to JPI by the Pfeiffer Foundation)
  • Great Customer Service with free phone support and prompt delivery of order
  • Online Shop for easy purchase of preparations and books on biodynamics and more
  • Educational workshops for teaching others how to make and use their own preparations and more
  • Research projects for establishing quality evaluative methods to measure the effectiveness of biodynamic preparations and their practical field use
  • Applied Biodynamics, the JPI periodical, deepening the practical application of biodynamic preparations since 1992
  • Outreach activities at earth-friendly venues that introduce biodynamic preparations to others
  • E-News updates for keeping our customers and donors up-to-date and connected
  • Biodynamic Collaborations for furthering the development of preparation making as a craft and spiritual practice

Use this link to learn more about biodynamic preparations.


Latest News

New Issue of Applied Biodynamics Now Available – 24 Pages Reflecting the Richness of Biodynamic Agriculture & Community!

With inspiration for the fall and winter months ahead, Issue #90 of Applied Biodynamics Fall/Winter 2016 brings the following articles: Community Farm of Ann Arbor: A Healing Center, Interview with Paul Bantle and Anne Elder  (By Abigail Porter) In Memory of Trauger Groh Prepping for Resilient Community: Grafting… Read more »

Announcing JPI Volunteer Days for Fall 2016. Cow horn stuffing time is coming and we need your help!

Fall Volunteer Days at The JPI Farm — September 21, 22 and 27th  /  October 10, 11, 18 and 19th. Hours — 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  As a national provider of biodynamic preparations, JPI will need to stuff a minimum of 2,000 cow horns this… Read more »

Back By Popular Demand! JPI Fall Workshop on Biodynamic Composting with Bruno Follador (October 28-30)

High quality compost is the foundation of fertility for many farms and gardens. Learn from one of the most dynamic instructors of biodynamic composting – Bruno Follador – about practical ways to work with your compost, i.e. to monitor and balance the moisture, heat, and… Read more »

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