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Pfeiffer™ Field and Garden Spray

Among our most popular selling items, Pfeiffer™ products were originated in the 1940’s by Dr. Ehrenfried Pfeiffer with the purpose of helping to make biodynamics more accessible to home gardeners, conventional farmers, and composters. JPI is the exclusive owner of these proprietary formulas.

The Pfeiffer™ Biodynamic (BD) Field ; Garden Spray contains all components included in the Compost Starter plus additional amount of BD #500. Use when planting or transplanting to stimulate germination and root growth and when turning in cover crops to increase soil microorganisms that aid in decomposition and transformation to stable humus. Also can be used as a foliar spray or seed soak. One unit may be divided to treat smaller areas. It is an excellent treatment for gardens, pasture, and hayfields of all sizes.

Composition of the Pfeiffer™ BD Field and Garden Spray
This potent spray contains the biodynamic agricultural preparations BD #500, #502, #503, #504, #505, #506, and #507, which give this product its unique effectiveness. It stimulates and attracts a full range of soil micro-flora and fauna beneficial to accelerate the breakdown of organic matter without tying down nitrogen or other delaying actions. Following such breakdown there is a subsequent build up into helpful humus compounds. Properly activated for use, each ounce can yield more than 5.6 billion CFU’s (colony forming units) of beneficial organisms.

Benefits of the Pfeiffer™ BD Field and Garden Spray
The BD Field ; Garden Spray aids humus formation in organic materials already in the topsoil. It should be used when planting and transplanting to stimulate germination and root growth, and when turning in cover crops to aid the transformation of organic materials into humus.

One unit of BD Field ; Garden Spray treats one acre of land. It comes in single or multiple units but one unit is the smallest quantity we can ship. If your garden is less than one acre, activate only 1 level teaspoon (1 tsp.). This will give coverage for 1,000 square feet. Activation of 1 level tablespoon (1 Tbsp.) will cover 3,000 square feet.

Activation and Application instructions (pdf): Pfeiffer BD Field & Garden Spray


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