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Our Mission, Vision & Guiding Service Principles

JPI Mission Statement

JPI’s Mission is to heal the Earth through biodynamic preparations, education and research, and to build a dynamic integrated network so our legacy is accessible to all future generations. We work to support all farmers, gardeners, ranchers, and biodynamic enthusiasts in their making and use of biodynamic preparations.  

JPI Vision Statement

When envisioning the future, we see JPI working collaboratively with others – nationally, regionally, and locally – to further the biodynamic agricultural movement and the development of biodynamic preparation making as a craft and spiritual practice. Supporting projects include the building of an intellectual repository of research on Steiner inspired preparations, and the development of research methods used to evaluate the quality of biodynamic preparations and their effective use in the field. Through a growing and vibrant network of collaborations and associative economic relationships, our ultimate vision is healthier foods, healthier bodies, and a healthy planet.

JPI’s Guiding Service Principles

We strive to produce biodynamic preparations made from plants that we grow, or that are wild-crafted, chemical-free, or organic. All of the preparations are made from the highest quality natural materials available, and are non-toxic.

We also support the success of our customers and the biodynamic agricultural community by striving to ensure that sufficient quantities of quality biodynamic preparations are available, and by providing educational workshops and materials, free phone support, and the prompt delivery of product orders.

As a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, JPI’s programs are funded through product sales and contributions. Mission-driven, we strive to keep the prices of our preparations affordable while also running fiscally sound operations. We do not measure our success in dollars but in the number of preparation units sold, acres of land served, and people who are reached through our educational and outreach activities.

JPI has been a national producer and distributor of biodynamic preparations since 1985. Over the past four years (since we moved to Floyd VA), we have produced and sold over 100,000 units of biodynamic preparations to over 2,500 practitioners of regenerative agricultural practices. During this time, we have also served customers in 48 states of the union plus 10 U.S. territories and Canadian provinces.

As a nonprofit organization, we fulfill our mission by providing the following:

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