Research Projects & Biodynamic Preparations

Research on the making and using of biodynamic preparations is part of the JPI mission. Our long-term vision for this work includes working collaboratively with other towards the building of an intellectual repository of research on Steiner inspired preparations, and the development of research methods used to evaluate the quality of biodynamic preparations and their effective use in the field.

Projects already underway, or planned to begin in the immediate future:

BD #500 Joint Fellowship of Preparation Makers Project

In the Fall of 2009, JPI joined with preparation makers in four other regions of the country in a project to determine what measurements, laboratory and sensory observations, could be relied upon to judge the quality of finished BD 500. The ultimate goal is to find factors which could be used at the “kitchen table” to ascertain the quality of BD 500. This project is self-financed and additional funding support would allow a broader range of testing. Sites include, JPI in Virginia, the Hudson Valley Regional Group in New York, the Viroqua Group in Wisconsin, the BD Regional Group in Oregon, and Grgich Hills Winery in California.

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