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What is Biodynamics?

It's a question that's often asked. The simplest way to put it perhaps is that biodynamics is a way of farming that focuses not just on chemicals and fertilizers but on the dynamics of life (bio-dynamics). Rather than merely working with what is finished and "dead" we work with things full of ongoing life. 

When we tend the soil, we have to provide it with vitality. It is as if the organic reserves we build in the soil in terms of organic matter are like a sort of "battery" of potential energy that plants can discharge as kinetic energy. If you plug a lightbulb into a socket without enough energy, it doesn't shine very brightly. The same goes with putting plants into dead soil. We have to "recharge" tired soils with vitality from the cosmos. 

Some of the best methods for fostering life include compost (Johnson-Su bioreactor is excellent), biochar, and biodynamic preparations like our Pfeiffer™ Field and Garden Spray. By bringing complex biological diversity to tired soils, you reintroduce the energetic potential of the soil to produce healthy plants. Recharge your soils! Feel free to contact us with any questions.
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