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Tree Harmonizer

Tree Harmonizer

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The tree harmonizer preparation contains BC, BD #500, BD #501 or BD #501X, and BD #508. This preparation helps balance trees so they can regain their role as “cosmic harmonizers” to allow for greater penetration of cosmic energies.

In ancient times, trees were known as “cosmic harmonizers” because of their abilities to help regulate the many natural chemical and spiritual processes that took place in and above the earth. Today, however, the harmonizing effect of trees in maintaining earth’s connection with the cosmos has been weaken due to variety of reasons, e.g., the use of toxic chemicals, electrical wires, invisible emissions from radio and microwave towers, the paving of huge areas of land for parking lots and urban development, and more.

Therefore, what was once a given part of nature now needs to be carried consciously by human beings. The tree harmonizer preparation is a great aid in this healing work. Developed as a way to help trees to serve in their capacity as a cosmic harmonizer, this preparation works by emanating through a tree to help dissolve electromagnetic energy shield and allow for greater penetration of cosmic energies.

By using the tree harmonizer biodynamic preparations within the energy field of the tree, the natural rhythm of the rise and fall of the tree’s sap on a daily, as well as an annual basis, will carry the energy of the preparations not only to the tree, but to a wide area around it.

Information and instructions (pdf): Trees as Cosmic Harmonizers

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