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The Human Being and the Animal World by Charles Kovacs

Another teaching gem from Charles Kovacs, the Scottish Waldorf teacher whose legacy of class notes has become a wellspring for class teachers and homeschoolers throughout the English-speaking world.

In this volume, fauna common to Scotland and much of the Northern Hemisphere are considered one-by-one, followed with chapters on elephants, horses and bears. As we have come to expect, Kovacs' warmth and insight infuse each presentation and serve to inspire anyone teaching from them.


The Head, Trunk and Limbs
The Cuttlefish
The Seal
The Snail
The Harvest Mouse
The Red Deer
The Hedgehog
The Eagle
The limbs
The Elephant
The Horse
The Bear
The Lion
Buddy, the Guide Dog
For Waldorf curriculum for Grades 4 and 5 - (ages 9 to 11).