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Hugo Erbe's #9 Harmonizing Preparation

Hugo Erbe's #9 Harmonizing Preparation

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Hugo Erbe, a German biodynamic farmer, developed HE #8 and HE #9 as companion sprays to be used as offerings to the elemental kingdom who work to release the forces that enable a plant to root, sprout, grow, blossom, and more. HE #8 was originated to help “protect against the activities of opposing forces;” and HE #9 is intended to serve as “an expression of gratitude to the elemental beings.” 1Unit = 12 Grams. Treats 1 Acre.

Background Information This preparation is the second of the two recipes that Hugo Erbe originated as “Offerings for the Elemental World,” and should be seen as a companion spray to the Three Kings Preparation (HE #8). Whereas the latter spray is described as a “protection against the activities of opposing forces,” the Harmonizing Preparation is intended to serve as “an expression of gratitude to the elemental beings.” It should be noted that Hugo Erbe was an individual who could hold direct and frequent conversation with the nature spirits. By using this preparation, Erbe gave us to way to offer thanks to the elemental world for their sacrifice and service. And at the same time, HE #9 helps to make it possible for the higher beings (the warmth, light and air beings) and the lower elemental beings (the water and earth beings) to work together again harmoniously for the restoration of fertility to the earth and within all the activities of all the creatures of the earth.

Composition of Hugo Erbe's #9 Harmonizing Preparation The ingredients of HE#9 include egg whites, honey, cow’s milk, grape juice (red), sunflower oil, cooking salt, and whole wheat. These various biodynamic and organic ingredients are combined and then subjected to a lengthy anaerobic fermentation. The publication Hugo Erbe’s New Bio-Dynamic Preparations describes the choice of ingredients of “typical human food substances as offerings to the elemental beings. The composition aims to achieve a harmonious balance of ingredients, so that substances have been chosen which have a special significance on the one hand specifically relating to the human being and hi four-fold nature, and on the other to the creative forces which are at work in the various groups of elemental beings.”

How to use Hugo Erbe's #9 Harmonizing Preparation To apply to one acre, stir 12 grams of the preparation in 10-15 gallons of rainwater mixing in the customary biodynamic manner for one hour. Use a non-metallic container and spray immediately after stirring. Hugo Erbe suggested applying this harmonizing preparation on all cultivated areas during the Michaelmas (September 29th). However, in order to allow greater flexibility in scheduling the use of this preparation, we suggest it be used any time during the Michaelmas “season.” We define that season as the period from the Fall Equinox up unto Advent, which usually begins the 4th Sunday before Christmas.

Special Note Please observe the same caution with this spray as we have recommended for the Three Kings Preparation. One should not use this preparation in isolation without using the basic nine biodynamic preparations given by Rudolf Steiner beforehand as well as committing oneself to continuing to nourish the elemental beings through the use of BD #500 through BD #508 in a consistent and diligent fashion.

Download Instructions (pdf): Harmonizing Preparation

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