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Gardening With The Moon & Stars by Elen Sentier

I’m passionate about biodynamics. We garden that way here at Archenland, growing all our own vegetables and fruit as well as having a delightful pleasure garden, a tiny woodland, very good wildlife hedges and an excellent wildlife pond. You can see pictures and a video of it at my YouTube site. Biodynamics seems to me to be the way forward for modern, sustainable gardening and agriculture. It doesn’t strip the earth of her natural resources in efforts to force things to happen but works with nature, using naturally produced homeopathic-like preparations to enhance the natural ecosystem in ways that help gardeners and farmers make the most of their land, animals and plants. It also works with the natural rhythms of the earth and moon, the solar system and the stars, that create our growing seasons.

Being a shaman defines my life and my relationship to everything – rocks, trees, insects, birds, animals, fishes, humans and the Earth herself, even my car. I think of my work as a gardener as being the guardian of the sacred space in which I live. Working with nature is such fun, I learn so much from listening to the land, the plants and the creatures who live here.