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BC Biodynamic Compound Preparation Kit for Barrel Compost

When access to biodynamic compost is limited, BC (BD Compound/Thun Barrel Compost) can be used to produce highly concentrated compost material that increases fertility and stimulates plant growth. Kits are recommended for BD gatherings and large acreage.

Kit for Barrel Compost Single Batch
Treats 12.5 gallons or 2-1⁄2 five-gallon buckets of manure. Includes one set of compost preparations (BD#502 – #507) 500 grams of basalt, 100 grams of finely crushed eggshells. (You provide 12.5 gallons of manure, preferable biodynamic or organic from pastured cattle.)

Kit for Barrel Compost Double Batch
Treats 25 gallons or 5 five-gallon buckets of manure. Includes two sets of compost preparations (BD#502 – #507), 200 grams of finely crushed eggshells and 1,000 grams of basalt. (You provide 25 gallons of manure preferable biodynamic or organic from pastured cattle.)

For additional information, visit: JPI Preparation Articles & Instruction Handouts

Associative Contract deadline has been extended to April 31st!

We will be extending the deadline for applying for an Associative Contract with JPI. We have heard from our biodynamic community that during this crisis,  more time is needed for this service. Click this popup to continue to our Associative Contract page.