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Music of the Spheres

In an older view, the world is really a kind of music. This fits with the idea of the world as God's lila or the Word being the basis of the world. In ancient Hebrew the word for "things" is devarim, which means "words." In the East, it is said that the entire world is an utterance of a single word Om (always pronounced as a diphthong: ah-oo-m, Aum). The discovery of invisible radiation seemed to extend this idea, but even more so sympathetic vibratory physics. 

There are certain mushrooms that are either deadly or evoke visionary experiences in South America. Material scientists cannot tell the difference without looking carefully under a microscope because, outwardly, they appear identical. But the indigenous wisdom can differentiate between the two. How? They say their songs are different! How closely do we listen to the music of the spheres?

In biodynamics, it is as if we are working with plant and animal "music" and select an animal sheath that corresponds in an inner musical sense to a specific medicinal herb. The process the animal sheath contains within the animal, the plant influences in the outer world. You could almost say that its as if the animal sheath and the medicinal herb of each preparation rhyme with each other. We are really working with the same kinds of resonances that produced planets at specific orbits around the sun, just as you have an outer skin but also many subsequent inner membranes. Everything relates to everything else, so to create holistic fertilizers, we should include "a bit of everything" in a way that mirrors the manifesting power of Creation itself.
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