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Psychotronics and a Biodynamic Garden - How to grow and harvest healthier food through radionics and dowsing by George Kuepper

Dowsing and radionics are two practices for interpreting and interacting with the natural world.  They nurture the processes of gardening, farming, and landscaping through communicating with the subtle levels of reality.

Nature spirits and other forms of intelligence in nature play major roles.  They can be readily contacted and nourished when psychotronic methods are combined with the traditional practices of a biodynamic approach.  George Kuepper describes and discusses numerous procedures that he has evolved from decades of working with agricultural radionics and recent discoveries from research in his biodynamic garden.

This guidebook to growing better food is well referenced, with numerous illustrations, photographs, tables, and examples.  Gardeners and farmers who want to improve their plants and harvests using sustainable methods will find practical help and a feast for thought here.