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2023 Per Acre Bundle

Those who purchase the per acre bundle receive an automatic 12% discount (applied at checkout) on the preparations (500 through 508).

It is important that the influence of all the biodynamic preparations reach the land. If you prefer to streamline this process (or do not make much compost), please consider the Pfeiffer Field Spray which is an all-inclusive preparation specially crafted to bring the vitalizing power of the full spectrum of biodynamic preparations to your soil. 

Instead, you may purchase our Per Acre Bundle which includes:

Spring shipment of:

1 set of Compost Preparations,
1 unit Barrel Compound,
5 unit BD #500,
2 units BD #501,
1 unit BD #508

plus a Fall shipment of:

1 set of compost preparations,
1 unit Barrel Compound,
1 unit BD #500,
1 unit BD #508

$90 is the price of this for one acre for one year. Simply add as many to your cart at checkout as you wish.