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Does It Matter? The Unsustainable World of the Materialists by Graham Dunstan Martin

Materialists claim that the mind, consciousness, life, evolution, and the universe itself can be explained as a purposeless dance of unconscious particles governed by chance. Does It Matter? asks: does materialism, in fact, make sense?

Graham Dunstan Martin delves into areas as diverse as quantum physics, cosmology, artificial intelligence, brain science, biology, mysticism, and philosophy to assess the possibilities that the materialists are right. Are we living souls? Is our universe really the result of intelligent design?

He concludes that computers will never become conscious; that the mind is not the same as the brain; that we geniunely and creatively possess free will; and that our experience of diverse levels of consciousness simply cannot be explained by a strictly materialistic approach to reality.

This book is for every inquiring mind and for all those who are dissatisfied with the mainstream beliefs of conventional science.