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The Soil Stewardship Handbook by Aaron William Perry

This Soil Stewardship Handbook is your personal guide to THRIVING and SUSTAINABILITY through your connection with living soil. Presented with fun and flowing “guild-style” instruction, it is full of easy-to-do activities, life-hacks, and practices for the home, office and community gathering places. The Soil Stewardship Handbook is for all ages, skill levels, and backgrounds. Teachers, parents and community leaders will find this handbook to be an excellent resource for enhanced health and well-being at the individual, family and neighborhood level, as well as a practical guide to cultivating lifestyles of regeneration and sustainability–essential to create a future and culture in harmony with our living planet Earth. In this Soil Stewardship Handbook, you’ll learn how to:

• Enhance your intelligence, creativity health and well-being
• Reverse climate change by sequestering atmospheric carbon
• Heal our environments and Earth’s ecosystems

Explore the Soil Stewardship Handbook, join the growing, world-wide Soil Stewardship Guild movement, and dig in to thriving and sustainability wherever you happen to be!