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Signature of the Celestial Spheres: Discovering Order in the Solar System by Hartmut Warm

Is the solar system ordered? Or is it simply the result of random and chaotic accidents?
This book takes the reader on a compelling and powerful journey of discovery, revealing the celestial spheres in their astonishingly complex patterns. Movements of the planets are found to correspond accurately with simple geometric figures and musical intervals, pointing to an exciting new perspective on the ancient idea of the "harmony of the spheres."

Hartmut Warm's detailed presentation incorporates the distances, velocities, and periods of conjunction of the planets, as well as the rotations of the Sun, Moon, and Venus. Numerous graphics―including color plates―illustrate the extraordinary beauty of geometrical forms that result when the movements of several planets are viewed in relation to one another. Moreover, the author describes and analyzes concepts of the "music of the spheres," with special emphasis on Kepler's revolutionary ideas.