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Money Can Heal: Evolving Our Consciousness: The Story of RSF and its Innovations in Social Finance by Siegfried E. Finser

Exploring the wonders of every kind of monetary transaction, Siegfried Finser reveals how all transactions interact with the human psyche. Having evolved through the ages, money is no longer an object so much as it has become a “worldwind” of circulation, moving at various speeds and achieving a myriad of results.

Our human intentions give money its qualities and determine its speed and its effect on people everywhere. From object to pure movement, money is now poised to serve our highest goals. As we have nurtured money in its evolution, we must now take responsibility for directing its great potential in transforming social life, thereby bringing healing to the world. The author gives RSF Social Finance as an example of an organization working to heal our social life.

Money Can Heal shows a way beyond money as “a thing one acquires” toward money as “movement” among human souls. You’ll never see money the same way again.