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Grow Your Own Health: 1 Year Online Biodynamic Gardening Course

January 25, 2021

Grow Your Own Health: 1 Year Online Biodynamic Gardening Course

Grow Your Own Health

Online Biodynamic Gardening Course

Join us at the Wholistic Living University for this comprehensive and flexible one-year on line modular course comprised of 38 online sessions. Learn how to create and cultivate your own wholesome biodynamic vegetable garden.

You will learn through an integrated approach, using principles of biodynamic gardening, permaculture, traditional gardening and modern research in regenerative agriculture. This course is perfect for those with their own garden or allotment, as well as those who work with communal gardens or small market gardens.

The course is focused on temperate climate zones, but all climatic zones are included, with the core principles of biodynamic gardening being transferable wherever you are in the world.  Recorded sessions and online resources mean that you can catch-up on missed sessions at a time convenient for you, and a lively online community of like-minded professionals and amateurs provides inspiration and support for all your biodynamic queries.


  • You will experience and learn through theory and practical examples, which you can apply and test in your own garden.
  • You will learn step by step, how to create a productive vegetable garden, how to maintain it throughout the 4 seasons with bio-dynamic, homeopathic and other natural methods.
  • We will also address how to optimize your own nutrition and wellbeing.

For full details and booking please see our course brochure.

Standalone 3-week course on spring nursery work:


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