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Food Full of Life: Nourishing Body, Soul and Spirit by Gill Bacchus

Is organic and biodynamic food worth the higher price consumers often pay?
Which aspects of us are nourished by the food we eat?

Gill Bacchus concludes that modern scientific methods simply cannot reveal or measure the true life processes that give quality to our food. Exploring ideas from organics and Rudolf Steiner's biodynamics, the author discusses how the Earth's formative energies, especially sunlight, are essential to the healthy life of plants and animals. The living energy in our food is either enhanced or destroyed by our chosen methods of farming, processing and cooking. The author states that the health not only of our bodies, but also of our consciousness, thinking, and emotions depends on nourishing ourselves wisely and offers advice on how we can learn to find and choose food that is "full of life and light."

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We will be extending the deadline for applying for an Associative Contract with JPI. We have heard from our biodynamic community that during this crisis,  more time is needed for this service. Click this popup to continue to our Associative Contract page.