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A Brief Introduction to Biodynamic Preparations

Since 1985, JPI has been a national producer and distributer of biodynamic preparations as first taught by Dr. Rudolf Steiner in his 1924 Agriculture Course on biodynamic agriculture. Biodynamic agriculture, the oldest sustainable agricultural movement in the world, was formally established in 1928 with the launching of Demeter, the first international certification program for sustainable agriculture.

In biodynamic agriculture, preparations are of significant importance because they are “bio (life) – dynamic (energizing)” formulations. They carry the enlivening forces that work dynamically within the soil, compost, and plants, to ultimately provide us with healthier foods, healthier bodies, and a healthier planet.

Working in harmony with lunar, solar, and cosmic rhythms, the nine biodynamic preparations are made from fermented herbs, minerals, and cow manures. Three are used as field sprays, the other six are used for compost preparation. Because they are to be utilized in minute doses like homeopathic remedies for humans, biodynamic preparations are also viewed as healing remedies for the earth.

Biodynamic preparations sit at the heart of biodynamic agriculture. They are also at the center of JPI’s mission, and are how we work to heal the earth and restore the health of our soil against negative environmental influences.

Field Spray Preparations 

BD #500 – Horn Manure (Cow horns with fresh cow dung)
Promotes proliferative growth phase of plants through increased root activity, increased soil life through beneficial bacterial growth, and regulation of lime and nitrogen balance in the soil. Helps in release of trace elements. Stimulates germination of seeds.

BD #501 – Horn Silica (Cow horns with quartz silica)
Enhances light metabolism. Stimulates photosynthesis and formation of chlorophyll. Influences color, aroma, and flavor of crops.

BD #508 – Horsetail Herb (Equisetum arvense)
Serves as a preventative to lessen the effects when conditions are conducive to fungus problems. Complements BD #501 and works well in conjunction with BD #505 to increase resistance to disease, pests, and pathogenic fungi.

Compost Preparations

Compost preparations function together in the compost pile as change agents. In the composting process of the constituents in the pile, these preparations produce a compost that is uniquely sensitive to the needs of the plants on that particular farm consistent with the farm’s individuality. And, in this regard, their actions in the pile are very similar to the actions of homeopathic remedies seeking to bring balance to the whole organism.

BD #502 – Yarrow (Flowers of Achillea millefolium)
Initiates life processes in the compost pile utilizing the forces of sulfur and potassium. Assists plants to uptake trace elements in extremely dilute quantities for nutrition supportive to proliferative growth.

BD #503 – German Chamomile (Flowers of Matricaria chamomilla)
Stabilizes nitrogen in the compost pile such that it is available to plants for their continued growth through the interaction of calcium and potassium processes.

BD #504 – Stinging Nettle (Stem and leaves of Urtica dioica)
Organizes circulatory life in the plant through the processes of potassium, calcium and iron. Provides intelligence to the plant to seek the individual components of nutrition needed for optimal health.

BD #505 – Oak Bark (Bark of Quercus alba)
Provides healing forces to combat disease through a living form of calcium in the bark.

BD #506 – Dandelion (Flowers of Taraxacum officinale)
Stimulates relationship between silica and potassium so that silica can attract cosmic forces to the soil.

BD #507 – Valerian (Flowers of Valeriana officianalis)
Provides the warmth of phosphorus to the compost pile engendering life of the pile, and proper utilization of phosphorous by the soil. Utilized independently in an atmospheric spray form, as a frost protectant.

In alignment with our Guiding Service Principles, JPI strives to produce preparations made from plants that we grow, or that are wild-crafted, chemical-free, or organic. All our preparations are made from the highest quality natural materials available, and are non-toxic.

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