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Applied Biodynamics

Periodical "Applied Biodynamics" Back Issues 1-50

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Fall 1992, Issue No. 1

  • A Newsletter is Born
  • A JPI Perspective on Biodynamics
  • Searching for an Economic Reality: A Solution Michaelmas

Winter 1992, Issue No. 2

  • Christmas (C. Cof n)
  • About Nutrition (B. Cashen)
  • Biodynamic Preparations (H. Courtney)
  • The Gardens at JPI (G. Franceschelli)

Spring 1993, Issue No. 3

  • The Lenten, Easter, Spring Season (C. Cof n)
  • A Farm Report (N. Franceschelli)
  • The Vegetable Gardens at JPI (G. Franceschelli)
  • Biodynamic Preparations (H. Courtney)
  • Practical Biodynamic Research (H. Courtney)
  • Words of Encouragement (C. Cof n)

Summer 1993, Issue No. 4

  • Josephine Porter – A Biodynamic Pioneer (C. Cof n)
  • About Nutrition (B. Cashen)
  • Biodynamic Preparations (H. Courtney)
  • Selke, Courtney, and Evergreen Elm (L. Rotheraine)
  • BD #501 (H. Courtney)
  • St. John’s Day Festival (C. Cof n)

Fall 1993, Issue No. 5

  • The Season of Michaelmas (G. Franceschelli)
  • Interview with Steve Moore (N. Franceschelli)
  • Recipe for Making BD #500 (H. Courtney)

Winter 1993, Issue No. 6

  • Sequential Spraying – Illusion, Remarkable Coincidence, or Reality? (H. Courtney)
  • The Milk Spray / The Milk & Honey Spray
  • Description of a Sequential Spraying Technique Using the Biodynamic Preparations to Balance Forces of Plant Growth Sequential Spraying Report Form
  • Does the Use of the Sequential Spraying Technique Actually Provide Drought Relief or Encourage Precipitation? Ehrenfried Pfeiffer: A Prole (G. Franceschelli)
  • Book List (Books about and by E. Pfeiffer)
  • Dr. Pfeiffer’s BD Compost Starter and BD Field Spray (H. Courtney, C. Stearn)
  • A Nutrition Article: Nature . . . A Great Composer (B. Cashen)

Spring 1994, Issue No. 7

  • Seed Soaks with the Biodynamic Preparations (H. Courtney)
  • Spring in the Biodynamic Garden (H. Courtney)
  • Biodynamic Agriculture (J. Marquardt)
  • Practical Observations (H. Courtney)
  • The Selke Biodynamic Cherry Tomato and Evergreen Elm Recipe for Planting Using B.D. Compost Starter (L. Rotheraine)

Summer 1994, Issue No. 8

  • Summer in the Biodynamic Garden (H. Courtney)
  • Open House at JPI (C. Roden)
  • Alex Podolinsky Biodynamic Pioneer (N. Franceschelli)
  • In Good Taste (B. Cashen)
  • On the Preservation of Foods (E. Courtney, C. Cof n)
  • Horsetail Herb Equisetum arvense – BD #508 (H. Williams)
  • Hugh Williams’ Recipe for BD #508 (Fermented Version)
  • Hugh Courtney’s Recipe for BD #508 (Fermented Version)
  • Capillary Dynamolysis of Fresh & Fermented Horsetail Tea
  • Recipe for Fresh Tea Version of BD #508
  • Lily Kolisko’s Recipe for BD #508 (Fermented Version)
  • About Biodynamics (S. Moore)

Fall 1994, Issue No. 9

  • Fall in the Biodynamic Garden (H. Courtney) Biodynamic Farming (J. Poppen)
  • Further Thoughts on Making BD #500 (H. Courtney) Compost or Biodynamic Compost ? (H. Courtney)

Winter 1994, Issue No. 10

  • Attention Readers: Six Titles by Manfred Klett
  • An Interview with Michael Wildfeuer: The Animal as Part of the
  • Farm Organism (N. Franceschelli)
  • The Stockman Grass Farmer
  • More on Biodynamic Composting (H. Courtney)
  • The Union Agricultural Institute: Annual Conference (J. Cof n)
  • The Correct Use of Esoteric Knowledge—Biodynamics (C. Cofn)
  • Potting Soil: Some Recipes from Around the Country Winter Warmth (B. Cashen)

Spring 1995, Issue No. 11

  • Direct Seeding (C. Townsend, R. Walker)
  • Reflections on the Past and Prospects for the Future at JPI (H. Courtney)
  • More on Biodynamic Composting – II (H. Courtney)
  • Offerings for the Spring Table (B. Cashen)
  • Reflections on Making BD #500 (C. Watts)
  • Reflections on Working with the Preparations (N. Franceschelli)

Summer 1995, Issue No. 12

  • BD #501 – The Horn Silica Preparation (H. Courtney)
  • Attention Readers – Ehrenfried Pfeiffer: Notes and Lectures Amethyst Spray (D. Klocek)
  • Introductory Biodynamic Workshop a Success (E. Cof n)
  • Interview with Chris Stearn (C. Cof n)

Fall 1995, Issue No. 13

  • Interview with a Biodynamic Pioneer: Richard Okorn (N. Franceschelli)
  • Fats in a Nutshell (E. Cashen)
  • What Row Was It In ???? (C. Stearn)
  • The Heart of Clay (D. Klocek)

Winter 1995, Issue No. 14

  • 1995 – A Year of Change and Reaffirmation
  • Biodynamic Culture of Potatoes (H. Courtney)
  • Practical Observation on Growing Biodynamic Potatoes (H. Courtney)
  • The Pfeiffer BD Compost Starter and BD Field Spray: A New Responsibility for JPI and Its Meaning for the Future

Spring 1996, Issue No. 15

  • Pokeberry and Pine Seed Sprays (S. Tufts)
  • Slugs and Snails and Pokeberry Jails (H. Courtney)
  • Seed Baths Update (H. Courtney)
  • Mildred Cowger: A Life of Service (B. Wieting, H. Eubanks, W. Via)

Summer 1996, Issue No. 16

  • Dandelion Preparation: Mesentery or Peritoneum? (H. Courtney)
  • A New Way of Looking at Water: An Interview with Jennifer
  • Greene (K. Dagostino)
  • Book Reviews: The Four Ethers by E. Marti and Silica, Calcium, and Clay by F. Benesch and K. Wilde

Fall 1996, Issue No. 17

  • Seed Saving and Biodynamics – An Interview with Hugh Williams (N. Franceschelli)

Winter 1996/Spring 1997, Double Issue No. 18–19

  • Moon-Saturn Occultation Alert (H. Courtney)
  • Fiscal Reality Revisited (H. Courtney)
  • Evergreen Elm Update
  • Confidence, Experimentation, and JPI “Prep Scholarships” (M. Gardner)
  • Stirring Vessels and Sprayers, Part 1 (H. Courtney)
  • Special Report: Some Guidelines for Experimentation in Biodynamic Agriculture (M. Gardner)

Summer 1997, Issue No. 20

  • Occultation Update (H. Courtney)
  • Stirring Vessels and Sprayers, Part 2 (H. Courtney) Developing a Hydraulic Stirring Machine (S. Storch)
  • Odyssey of a Seed Initiative: An Interview with Nathan Corymb (K. Dagostino)
  • Newly Received Publications: Grasp the Nettle by P. Proctor, The Metamorphosis of Plants by J. Bockemühl and A. Suchantke, New Eyes for Plants by M. Colquhoun and A. Ewald (H. Courtney)
  • Observations & Experiments

Fall 1997, Issue No. 21

  • Interview with Master Gardening Teacher, Gunther Hauk (N. Franceschelli)
  • Observations and Experiments: A Spectroscopic Analysis of BD
  • Preparations #507 & #508 (D. Jensen)
  • BD Preps at Shepherd Hill Farm in Kentucky (A. Petty)
  • Book Reviews: Nature Spirits & Elemental Beings by M. Pogacnik (H. Courtney), The Secret Life of Nature by P. Tompkins (W. Wodraska)

Winter 1997–1998, Issue No. 22

  • Manfred Klett (H. Courtney)
  • The Yarrow Preparation (M. Klett)
  • Looking Back on the JPI Prep Seminar (R. Grimes) Observations and Experiments: Some Effects of the BD Preps (S. Storch)
  • Horsetail Tea and Bees (E. Lunquist)

Spring–Summer 1998, Issue No. 23

  • A Name Change: “Barrel Compost” Becomes “BC” (Biodynamic Compound Preparation – Adapted from Recipe of Maria Thun) (H. Courtney)
  • When is Venus Behind the Sun? (M. Gardner)
  • Farming on the Barter System (A. Petty)
  • Interview with Mark Trela, Fragrant Farms (K. Dagostino) Observations and Experiments: Parsley Revival (D. Foster),
  • Golf Greens Revival (S. Storch)

Fall 1998, Issue No. 24

  • The Michaelmas Preparation: BD #504—Stinging Nettle (H. Courtney)
  • JPI Research Project 5 (Sequential Spraying for Drought Relief)
  • Record Sheet
  • JPI Summer Prep Seminar (P. Moser)
  • Observations and Experiments: Weed Pepper Success, Chlorosis Cured with Horn Manure, Valerian and Frost Protection (M. Gardner)

Winter 1998–1999, Issue No. 25

  • A Tribute to Ehrenfried E. Pfeiffer For His 100th Birthday, Feb. 19, 1999 (M. Pawlicki)
  • Della Mae, Our One Cow Dairy (A. Petty)
  • Sequential Spraying—An Interim Analysis (M. Gardner) Sequential Spraying
  • Report Form
  • Personal Experiences with Sequential Spraying (C. Hall, J. McLeroy, L. Marks)

Spring 1999, Issue No. 26

  • Partial text from New Directions in Agriculture (E. Pfeiffer)
  • New ATTRA Publication on Biodynamics Interview with Walter Stuber (N. Franceschelli)
  • JPI at the Threshold (H. Courtney)
  • Y2K Preparedness and the Biodynamic Preparations (H. Courtney)
  • Brick Pit BC (Thun Recipe Compost) (H. Courtney)
  • The Innocent Dandelion—A Messenger from Heaven (M. Gardner)
  • Efficient Dandelion Picking Or How To Pick When Your Back Hurts (A. Porter)
  • Book Reviews: Healing Plants: Insights Through Spiritual Science, Vol.1, by W. Pelikan (M. Gardner)
  • Bringing a Garden to Life by C. Williams (J. Muir)

Fall 1999, Issue No. 27

  • Biodynamics Under Attack?
  • Entering the Deep Part of the Fiscal Ocean
  • Ashing or BD “Peppering” – A Function of Lunar Forces (H. Courtney)

Winter 1999–2000, Issue No. 28

  • Ashing or BD ‘Peppering’ – A Function of Lunar Forces – Part 2 (H. Courtney)
  • Working With Nature Spirits (P. Kelly)

Spring/Fall 2000, Double Issue No. 29–30

  • Saying Goodbye to the Twentieth Century (P. Smith)
  • How to Make the Valerian Preparation (BD #507) (P. Smith)
  • The Valerian Preparation – Some Additional Perspectives (H. Courtney)
  • Book Reviews: Robes by P. Kelly (B. Lehman), The Birth of a New Agriculture and Developing Biodynamic Agriculture by A. Keyserlingk (P. Smith)

Winter 2000–2001, Issue No. 31

  • The Michaelmas 2000 Impulse – A Personal Experience (H. Courtney)
  • The Michaelmas Impulse: Giving Us the Direction We Need For the Year Ahead (P. Smith)
  • Valerian Experiment – A Call for Participants BD #507 Valerian Experiment – Data Sheet

Spring 2001, Issue No. 32

  • Interview with Ruth Zinniker (N. Franceschelli, P. Smith) Comments on the Preparations Seminar – Part I, June 2000 (T.  Davis)
  • Society Needs to Reconsider the Dandelion (C. Korrow)
  • Book Review: Nutrition, Booklet No’s. 1 and 2, by Dr. Eugene Kolisko (J. and J. Muir)

Summer 2001, Issue No. 33

  • Michaelmas 2000 Revisited for Clari cation (H. Courtney)
  • Preparations Making Seminar at JPI – June 2001
  • New Insights on the Valerian Preparation – A Call to Examine Old Habits in Biodynamics (H. Courtney)
  • Prepared Valerian: The Secret of Finished Compost (J. Stevens)
  • Valerian Experiment Form
  • Book Review: Summer with the Leprechauns: A True Story by T. Helliwell (C. Korrow)

Fall 2001, Issue No. 34

  • Preparing for Michaelmas (P. Smith)
  • Practical Observations: Observing the Forces Inherent in the Dandelion Preparation (H. Courtney, M. Green)
  • Rudolf Steiner Down to Earth – Book Reviews: The Human Being in Body, Soul and Spirit and The Evolution of the Earth and Man and the Influence of the Stars by R. Steiner (H. Courtney)
  • Introduction to the Lectures – Book Reviews: From Comets to Cocaine, From Limestone to Lucifer, From Mammoths to Mediums, Bees, From Elephants to Einstein, From Beetroot to Buddhism by R. Steiner (P. Smith, H. Courtney)

Winter 2001–2002, Issue No. 35

  • The Three Kings Preparation (H. Courtney)
  • Information Sheet: The Three Kings Preparation
  • Preparation Beings: The Three Kings Preparation of Hugo Erbe (G. M. Hahn)
  • Protocol for Hugo Erbe’s Three Kings Bio-Dynamic Preparation (G. M. Hahn)

Spring 2002, Issue No. 36

  • An Interview with Hartmut von Jeetze (N. Franceschelli) Preparation Making Meeting
  • February 15–17, 2002 (D. Pauly)
  • Book Reviews: Northern Star Calendar Easter 2002–2003,Easter by B. Keats, Star and Planet Almanac 2002 Monthly Guide to the Sky at Night by L. Bisterbosch (H. Courtney) and The Holy Order of Water – Healing Earth’s Waters and Ourselves by W. Marks (P. Clutts)

Summer 2002, Issue No. 37

  • How to Make the Yarrow Preparation (BD #502) (P. Smith)
  • Achillea millefolium Esoterica (H. Courtney)
  • Prep Making Efforts at Dogwood Spring Farm (C. Korrow)
  • Book Review: Gardening for Life – The Biodynamic Way by M. Thun (A. Petty, D. Petty, C. Watts)

Fall 2002, Issue No. 38

  • Biodynamics Brought to the Vine (P. Smith)
  • Finding Your Way to Biodynamic Wines (P. Smith)
  • Book Review – Wine from Sky to Earth: Growing & Appreciating Biodynamic Wine by N. Joly (S. Melchiskey)

Winter 2002–2003, Issue No. 39

  • The Three Kings Preparation – Sharing the Experience
  • The Milk and Honey Spray – Another Interesting Tool (H. Courtney)

Spring 2003, Issue No. 40

  • Interview with Joe Francis (P. Smith)
  • Seed Soaks with the Biodynamic Preparations (H. Courtney) 2003 Biodynamic Preparation Conference (L. Nelson)
  • Book Reviews – Evolution’s End: Claiming the Potential of Our Intelligence by J. C. Pearce (M. Maruska) and The Wood- chuck’s Guide to Gardening by R. Krupp (G. Nottingham)

Summer 2003, Issue No. 41

  • An Interview with Heinz Grotzke (N. Franceschelli)
  • Recipe for Animal Herb Blend Mixture (a.k.a. Bio-Dynamic Cow Tonic)
  • Highlighting Celestial Forces in the Biodynamic Planting Calendar (H. Courtney)
  • Stella Natura – August 2003 (S. Wildfeuer)

Fall 2003, Issue No. 42

  • How to Make the Oak Bark Preparation (BD #505) (H. Courtney)
  • Using the Oak Bark Preparation (H. Courtney)
  • The Oak Bark Preparation, Organ of Living Thinking (In the Farm Organism) (H. Courtney)

Winter 2003–2004, Issue No. 43

  • Anecdotes and Antidotes – Biodynamics at Work (M. Williams, P. Damery, P. Smith)
  • Using Valerian the Way Steiner Indicated – An Update (P. Smith)
  • National BD Conference in Iowa Biodynamic Viticulture Conference

Spring 2004, Issue No. 44

  • Report from the Philippines: Effects of the Milk and Honey
  • Spray and Other Major Breakthroughs in Biodynamic Rice Production (M. H. B. Ruizo-Gamela)
  • The Venus Transit of 2004 – A Biodynamic Opportunity (H. Courtney)
  • Venus Transit 2004 Suggested Sequential Spray Protocol (H. Courtney)
  • Harmonic Concordance November 8, 2003 Chrysalis Farm (S. Adams)
  • Future of the Preparations Conference (E. Schaldach)

Summer 2004, Issue No. 45

  • The Biodynamic Preparations as Sense Organs (M. Klett) Preparations “Not As Substance But As Forces” (H. Courtney)

Fall 2004, Issue No. 46

  • Bio-Dynamics: A Short, Practical Introduction (E. Pfeiffer)
  • Father of N-P-K Theory Sees the Light
  • A Healing and Protective Treatment – The Biodynamic Tree Paste (E. Pfeiffer)
  • Biodynamic Tree Paste – A Simpli ed Recipe for Beginners (H. Courtney)
  • Root Dip for Transplanting

Winter 2004–2005, Issue No. 47

  • The Jupiter Occultations from November 2004 to August 2005  – Another Biodynamic Opportunity? (H. Courtney)
  • Suggested Planet Jupiter Energy Enhancement Sequential Spray Protocol (H. Courtney)
  • Securing a Financial Future for the Josephine Porter Institute (H. Courtney)
  • Assignment: Developing a Personal Relationship To the Nine Biodynamic Preparations (H. Courtney)
  • Finding Your Way to Biodynamic Wines (P. Smith)

Spring 2005, Issue No. 48

  • An Interview with Helen Philbrick, Biodynamic Pioneer (N. Franceschelli)
  • In Memory of Robert “Beau” Johnson 1944–2005
  • Books by Helen Philbrick (and others)
  • Out of Print Soil Fertility, Renewal & Preservation Now Available

Summer 2005, Issue No. 49

  • Biodynamic Flower Production: Demystifying the Method (P. Sansone)
  • The Case for Biodynamics (P. Sansone)
  • Seven Essential Elements of the Biodynamic (BD) Method (P. Sansone)
  • Greetings from Woolwine, Virginia (L. Riccardi)

Fall 2005, Issue No. 50

  • Working with Elemental and Ancestral Forces: A Weekend of Healing and Transformation in New York City (F. Rewinski)
  • Brief Directions for the Use of the Biodynamic Sprays 500, 501 and 508
  • JPI Building Fund

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