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The Meaning of Life: And Other Lectures on Fundamental Issues by Rudolf Steiner

What is the meaning of Life? Rudolf Steiner discusses this ancient enigma with refreshing directness, offering profound and enlighten­ing answers. In this inspiring collection of talks, Steiner speaks on themes related to health, reincarnation, destiny, luck, and the trials of modern life. Most of these talks were originally published in booklet form and have been out of print for some years.

The variety of topics is unified by the fact that all the lectures address practical and fundamental issues facing us in our modern lives: “Growth, Decay and Reincarnation,” “Human Participation in Evolution,” “Illu­sory Illness,” “The Feverish Pursuit of Health,” “Luck―Reality and Illusion,” “Psychological Distress and the Birth Pangs of the Consciousness Soul,” and “How to Listen to the Spirit.”