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Love & Farming

Do you need biodynamics? Not if you really love your land. I don't mean loving your land in a mere affectionate way. I mean the way you'd love and take care of a child, willing to set aside your own feelings for the sake of another. This is the kind of love that gets up in the middle of the night to change a diaper, not because it's comfortable or out of mere affection, but out of self-sacrificial love. If you approach your land with the same kind of attentiveness as you'd offer a precious child, you may not need biodynamics. If a farmer loves his or her land, they will find the remedy for problems out of love.

Neither booksmarts nor mere busywork finds the solution -- in fact, either head knowledge or practical know-how without really caring about the land can hurt the land. It call comes down to love. Do you love the land and tend it as a steward so that it can be in service of ever more life? If you do, you may not need biodynamics because you already have the heart of it if you love your land. 

By loving your land, you will be led into unusual possibilities -- to find anything that will help the sick "child"-- only possibly motivated by love. Biodynamics is a way to love your land, produce healthier plants, and more nutritious food for your family and customers. As St. Augustine once wrote, "Love, and do as you please" which is to say, if you put selfless love first (if you put others first, including your land), whatever you please do after that in a loving manner can only be in support of life.

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