Gardening can do what medicine only 'tries to mimic' for mental health, Monty Don says

Our disconnection from Nature has led to physical and mental illness. #biodynamic #gardening #healing #Nature

"Monty Don has agreed with this idea, and said that gardening is a good way to find beauty in chaos.

He wrote: "When you plant something, you invest in a beautiful future amidst a stressful, chaotic and, at times, downright appalling world.

"Everything is a mess. Many things end badly. Modern life is, for most people, cut off from reality, sealed away from weather, food, seasons, entertainment – almost everything. Our lives are the product of somebody else’s creation, from what we wear, eat, listen to, move around in, to anything you can think of.

"But gardens are real. They are not a version of themselves served up via a corporate process.

"By becoming in tune with the seasons of growth and fall, preparation and harvest you make your mind and body happier and healthier. By having a direct stake and involvement with the process of plants growing, of having your hands in the soil and tending it carefully and with love, your world and everyone’s else’s world too, becomes a better place."

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