Bruno Follador

Biodynamic Researcher,
Compost & Chromatography Specialist
Director of The Nature Institute Living Soils Initiative)

Bruno Follador is a geographer and biodynamic researcher with a deep commitment to the Goethean approach to science and to the fostering of a more qualitative approach to understanding nature. Specifically, Bruno’s work has led him to develop expertise in biodynamic composting methods and Ehrenfried Pfeiffer’s round filter chromatography, a picture-forming method useful for the qualitative analysis of an array of substances, such as compost.

Originally from Brazil, Bruno has worked with farmers and organizations in Brazil, Europe and North America including Hofgut Rengoldshausen, Hawthorne Valley Farm and Benziger Family Winery. He currently serves as the Director of the Living Soils Project at The Nature Institute in upstate New York.

The Nature Institute, founded in 1998, is a small, independent not-for-profit organization dedicated to the development of new qualitative and holistic approaches to seeing and understanding nature and technology through incisive and thoughtful research studies, publications and educational programs. The Institute serves as a local, national and international forum for research, education and the exchange of ideas about the re-visioning of science and technology in an effort to realign humanity with nature.

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