The Seer's Handbook: A Guide to Higher Perception by Dennis Klocek

A seer “sees” more than meets the eye, using the eyes of the soul along with the physical eyes. As all seeing is a form of cognition, higher seeing is the key to higher cognition or knowing. For the vast majority of people, the spiritual world is hidden deep within the disguise of the world available to the senses and deep within the human psyche and human consciousness; enmeshed as it usually is in the physical senses, we cannot easily be aware of both worlds. The human soul is the link between the physical, sense-imbued body and direct experience of the spirit, because it has the latent ability to focus consciousness into any number of levels. The ability to determine the focus of awareness is our great gift and our great challenge.

In this practical, accessible guidebook, Dennis Klocek, builds on the alchemical tradition and the Western path of initiation developed by Rudolf Steiner, showing how the soul’s latent ability can be awakened by conscious acts of will and rhythmic practices. These practices begin wherever we are in our everyday lives and take the seeker through the levels of concentration—the ability to create and hold an inner image; contemplation, the ability to transform the image and make it dynamic; and meditation, the ability to reverse the image, or think it backward into inner silence.

After presenting the practical exercises and commentary that identifies and lays out the necessary steps, Klocek shows how the path can be followed through to an understanding of a seemingly impenetrable alchemical image of the soul’s journey, guiding the reader up the Alchemical Mountain to heartfelt thinking. Through this journey, it becomes possible for people to live as spiritual beings among other spiritual beings.

For those who are serious about developing faculties of higher knowing and spiritual sight, The Seer’s Handbook is a unique, practical, and friendly handbook of exercises, meditations, and insightful commentary that can guide both beginners and more advanced students along the path to higher worlds.