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The Occult, Significance of Forgiveness by Sergei O. Prokofieff

The Occult, Significance of Forgiveness by Sergei O. Prokofieff

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When faced with the question of what we can do to change the world for the better, one of the most radical and challenging answers is to begin forgiving others for what they have done. In this powerful and moving book, Prokofieff shows how the forces that lead to forgiveness can be developed consciously and freely. Without preaching the morality of forgiveness, he presents spiritual facts that speak for themselves.

From Tsarist Russia and the concentration camps of Nazi Germany to the infighting during the early years of the Anthroposophical Society, the author offers striking examples of those who have been able to forgive frequently terrible crimes. He provides multilayered analyses and shows the beneficial consequences of each act of forgiveness. As he develops his theme, the importance of forgiving―not simply for personal salvation but for the advancement of human evolution―is revealed in all its healing truth.


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