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Sensitive Chaos: The Creation of Flowing Forms in Water and Air by Theodor Schwenk

Water is more than a mere flow of energy or a useful means of transport. Why does water in streams and rivers always take a winding course? Do common principles and rhythms guide the movement of water—whether in the sea, in a plant, or in our human blood?

More than ever before, today we need "water consciousness" and we can begin with this essential and classic book on water as the universal bearer of living, formative processes. Beginning with simple flowing phenomena of water and air, Schwenk gradually builds up, with the help of marvelous photographs and drawings, the "letters" of an alphabet that will allow us to "read" the living meaning of water.

Schwenk gradually brings the spiritual, formative processes to light, and we come to see the creative word in the universe. This is an important work for a deeper understanding of a fundamental element of life.