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Relating to Rudolf Steiner and The Mystery of the Laying of the Foundation Stone by Sergei O. Prokofieff

Even within the Anthroposophical Society and the anthroposophic movement, people's relationship to Rudolf Steiner is weakening and dissipating. This is problematic, says Prokofieff, as the future of both the Society and movement depends on a sufficient number of people aspiring to and realizing a true spiritual connection with the founder of Anthroposophy. Prokofieff deals in detail with this issue and asks, “Can one be an anthroposophist without being Rudolf Steiner’s pupil?”
Both parts of this book are linked, in the sense that once a relationship with Steiner is established, an inner longing to work with the “new mysteries” will follow. In Prokofieff’s words, “The will to take the foundation of the new mysteries seriously leads to a real, inner connection with Rudolf Steiner.”
Relating to Rudolf Steiner includes an essay on the “problem” of digitally publishing Steiner's most important esoteric texts and the esoteric background of the internet and electronic media in general. In response to readers’ questions about how to counteract the harmful consequences of these developments, Prokofieff has expanded and developed his original essay on this subject.`