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Notes and Lectures: Compendium I by Ehrenfried Pfeiffer

Compendium 1 contains notes from lectures given by Ehrenfried Pfeiffer in Spring Valley, USA, between the years 1941 and 1952.

Compendium 1 contents:
Introduction by Paul W. Scharff, M.D.
A Soliloquy
Elemental Beings in the Spiritual World
The Alchemist's Path to the True Mercury During Christ as the Fulfillment of the Mysteries
Money and Working for the Work
Basic Anthroposophy I
Basic Anthroposophy II
World History - The Michael Stream
Spiritual Leadership
The Middle Ages
The Etheric World
Good Friday
Criteria of Spiritual Perception
In Memory of Goethe
St. Francis
Spiritual Leadership
Jacob Boehme and the Heart
Spiritual Striving
Celtic Myths
The Healing Forces of Christ
Health and Disease
Society Problems
Rosicrucian Striving

142 pages.
28 x 22 cms, 11 x 8 1/2 inches.

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