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In Partnership With Nature by Jochen Bockemuhl

Already treasured by some within the biodynamic movement, In Partnership with Nature deserves wider attention. Placing special emphasis on different kinds of knowledge, the author shows how they can enhance our understanding and experience of nature―as well as our practical dealings with it. The author builds on the spiritual science of Rudolf Steiner, which emphasizes that science is possible both in the practical realm of material experience and in the realms of soul and spiritual experience.
Numerous black and white illustrations help the reader conceptualize these multiple realms of experience. Bockemühl begins with an introduction of the Goetheanum, Goethe, and humanity’s relationship with nature. He then discusses different approaches to an understanding of nature, the interplay of cosmic and earthly forces upon the plant, and levels of the etheric.
Next, Bockemühl addresses the relationship of architecture and the landscape and the how Rudolf Steiner introduced Goethe’s principle of metamorphosis into the field of architecture―with photographs to help illustrate the concept. The author then turns to quality evaluation, explaining how food quality cannot be judged by numbers and measurements alone. From this discussion, he guides the reader to an understanding of the medicinal plants.
The author concludes with a discussion of biodynamic agriculture ― including methods of fertilization and the activity of light, plant formation and the processes of substance, the preparation plants, the life of the compost heap, and grass compost