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Hugo Erbe's New Biodynamic Preparations by Hugo Erbe, Helmut Finsterlin, Ernst Hagermann, Peter von Siemens, Glen Atkinson and Paul Carline

Biodynamic agriculture is gaining credibility and accolades. However, this fascinating and enigmatic approach to agriculture has not enjoyed much fundamental development since Rudolf Steiner initiated the discipline in the 1920s. Hugo Erbe, a student of Dr. Steiner's, collected ideas from Dr. Steiner's numerous lectures and publications, and used his own developing facilities of perception and comprehension to become innovative and creative. One of the results are the 21 preparations presented here. These supplement those presented by Dr. Steiner. Their creation and application is described in Erbe's own words. Erbe said of his work, "It may appear, at first sight, presumptuous to wish to add anything to what Rudolf Steiner gave from his comprehensive spiritual insight. However, Steiner never left any doubt that he did not wish his indications to become hardened dogmas, but that they should rather be seen as laying the foundations for a new type of agriculture and as being open to further development and to modification according to circumstances. We may reasonably presume that he expected his pupils to develop their own personal activity out of the needs of each new situation."