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Hugo Erbe's #8 Three Kings Preparation

Hugo Erbe, a German biodynamic farmer, developed HE #8 and HE #9 as companion sprays to be used as offerings to the elemental kingdom who work to release the forces that enable a plant to root, sprout, grow, blossom, and more. HE #8 was originated to help “protect against the activities of opposing forces;” and HE #9 is intended to serve as “an expression of gratitude to the elemental beings.”

Note: Under no circumstances should one use the Three Kings Preparation unless one has first used all nine of the biodynamic preparations on the area to be treated.

Background Information
The Three Kings Preparation is one of a whole group of preparations created by Hugo Erbe (1885-1965) as a result of his lifelong work as a biodynamic farmer in Germany. He experienced a very close connection to the elemental world and sought ways of encouraging their beneficial influences.

Following the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 he observed a massive disruption and flight of beneficial elemental beings from his farmland. He experienced this deep wound to the living sheath of the earth as a process whereby the elementals were being demonised. To help heal the damage done to the earth’s organism and bring the elementals back into equilibrium he developed a preparation made from the gifts of the three wise men.

The precious gifts brought by the three kings from the East to present to the Jesus child were: Gold, symbol for worldly wisdom, Frankincense, devotional offering to the Gods and Myrrh, symbol for the victory of life over death.

Ancient mystery wisdom has always held these three substances as symbols of awareness for the spiritual events taking place behind the outer physical phenomena. When prepared in the right way these three holy substances can also serve as gifts to the earth and to the elemental world.

How to use The Three King’s Preparation (method given by Hugo Erbe)
Take 30g each of:

  • Aurum metallicum D2 (Weleda) – gold
  • Frankincense (olibanum) (Weleda)
  • Myrrh resin

Grind these together in a porcelain mortar for one hour until a fine powder is attained. This powder is then thoroughly mixed with 50g of rainwater and 50g of glycerine (Weleda) in order to create an emulsion. These quantities will provide about 190g thick emulsion or paste. This preparation can be used immediately or stored for years in an airtight, non-metallic container in a dark, cool, dry place. Note: If the preparation is to be used immediately, glycerine emulsion is not necessary and the powder can be used as soon as it is mixed. According to Michael Hahn who has long experience with this preparation the best time for making the mixture is on New Year’s Eve 23.30-00.30. This is a very significant time since according to Rudolf Steiner the transition from one year to the next coincides with a unique moment when the consciousness of the plant world and that of the minerals is united.

On Three Kings Day (6th January) 5cc of the preparation is first dissolved in a little warm water (60 degrees) prior to stirring in about eight litres of hand warm rainwater or pond water thoroughly warmed by the sun. A non-metallic and preferably wooden container should be used and stirring should proceed for an hour in the manner described for the Horn Manure preparation. While stirring, the purpose for which the spray is intended should be held in consciousness. It should be sprayed out immediately after stirring during late afternoon (the cosmic-etheric inbreathing period) using a bucket and brush or knapsack sprayer as with Horn Manure. It should be sprayed outwards along the estate boundary at 50m intervals. For each kilometre of boundary about two litres of spray liquid is required. It is perhaps personal preference but the gesture of an offering to the elemental world seems more appropriate than that of warding off the bad elementals. We used the form of an outward-moving spiral from the central focus of the estate on which it was applied to bless the land and the elementals with this preparation. (Bernard Jarman). Others have used a similar approach.

Download Instructions (pdf): The Three Kings Preparation

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