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Growing Eco-Communities: Practical Ways to Create Sustainability by Jan Martin Bang

In his first book, Ecovillages: A Practical Guide to Sustainable Communities, Jan Bang explained the principles and practice of setting up a sustainable community, including the difficult decisions of management, design, architecture, farming and food, water, sewage, energy sources, and economics.

Growing Eco-Communities looks at what comes next. Groups aren't fixed by those earlier decisions and directions but grow and develop—and not always as expected. Here the author provides a comprehensive overview of the various changes that groups can experience and offers experienced advice on how to handle the many situations that can arise. As in Ecovillages, this book is anchored by numerous case studies of real-life communities and how they've dealt with change.

Associative Contract deadline has been extended to April 31st!

We will be extending the deadline for applying for an Associative Contract with JPI. We have heard from our biodynamic community that during this crisis,  more time is needed for this service. Click this popup to continue to our Associative Contract page.