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Fairy Worlds and Workers by Marjorie Spock

Fairy Worlds and Workers by Marjorie Spock

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Rudolf Steiner was a close observer of the fairy kingdom and gave many lectures that describe the work of its inhabitants, whom he spoke of as the elementals. It was clear to Steiner that the elementals are of great importance to the Earth, charged not only with the maintenance of Nature's household, but also with her evolutionary plans. He also spoke of how vital it is for us to come to know the fairy workers and to honor the work they do, so that their efforts prosper to carry the earth forward in its evolution.

Marjorie Spock draws aside the veil obscuring the life of the "Little People" and makes their magic world come alive for us. This delightful, engaging book offers a profound, yet simple, introduction to fairyland and its workers: Undines, thewater spirits; Gnomes, the earth spirits; Sylphs, the air spirits; and the Fire Spirits. Included are Ingrid Gibb's brush drawings of these four races of Little People. 


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