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Rudolf Stiener wrote his autobiography in weekly installments for Das Goetheanum, the official publication of Anthroposophy, beginning in December of 1923 and contunuing for seventy weeks. The last chapter was published five days after his death on March 30, 1925. He had written to the very end and stopped, interrupted, as it were, in mid-sentence. He had covered the period from his birth and childhood up to the celebrated Theosophical Congress in Munich in 1907. 

Though death intervened, Stiener certainly had laid down the most important parameters of his story. He had achieved what he set out to do. His aim was a spiritual autobiography-an account of how one person walked the path of knowledge in our time. And so he set down a clear record that could stnad both as a commentary on the evolution of his teahcing and as a directive for its continuation; he demonstrated the unbroken line of his own developmnet; he established the deep, abiding concerns that had directed his life; and he brought his life to a critical turning point, which many of his first readers could still recall.

Between the accounts of frinedships, conversations, inner struggles and outer successes and failures, watershed books written and important papers delivered, we witness the deliccate unfolding and gathering of a spiritual path, one that involves a radical, new, contemporary way of understanding and being in the world. 

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