Basis of Potentization Research by Theodor Schwenk


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Translated by Marjorie Spock.

This book primarily discusses potentization as part of the anthroposophical pharmaceutical process, although it also plays an important role in nature. This book addresses a truly timely problem, one that deserves thorough investigation and calls as well for the forming of a new order of concepts. This publications represents a response to repeated requests that the author decided to present certain basic aspects.

Topics covered include:

  • historical aspects of potentization research
  • instreaming and outstreaming forces
  • the evolution of the world of matter
  • the properties of the fluid medium
  • processes in the medium as it undergoes rhythmical shaking
  • experimental findings
  • the potentized substance
  • experimental findings using potentized iron-sulfate
  • what the potency curves reveal

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