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Ashing or BD Peppering Part I – Applied Biodynamics Article by Hugh Courtney

Ashing or BD Peppering Part 2 – Applied Biodynamics Article by Hugh Courtney

Barrel Compost: Bringing Harmony & Balance to the Farm – By William Shock & Lisa Shock in ACRES USA, February 2010 • Vol. 40, No. 2

Beginning Biodynamics for Backyard Gardeners – Applied Biodynamics Article by Abigail Porter

Composting as a Free Deed – Star & Furrow Interview with Bruno Follador

BD #500 Using Horn Manure When Seeding & Transplanting – Applied Biodynamics Article on Pfeiffer Center Student Research Project by Carol St. John

Trees as Cosmic Harmonizers

JPI Preparation Instructions

BC_ About Barrel Compost Insert

BC_Barrel Compost & Maria Thun

BD #500_ Reflections on Making BD #500 AB 1995

BD #500_501_508 Brief Directions

BD #508 (Equisetum arvense) Frequently Asked Questions – Applied Biodynamics article by Pat Frazier

BD Sprays #500_501_508_ Directions_AB 2005 – Applied Biodynamics article with instructions

BD #502 to 507 Directions for Using in Manure Piles

BD #507 Valerian: For Late Frost Protection – Special feature webpage with five Applied Biodynamics articles

BD #508 JPI Horsetail Tea Instructions

BD #508 Horsetail Fermented Version

BD Preparations_Chart

BD Preparations_Storing

BD Tree Paste_ A Simplified Recipe for Beginners – Applied Biodynamics article with instructions

BD Tree Paste_Winter Application – Applied Biodynamics article with instructions

Dandelions Blossoms_ Picking & Drying

For Weather Extremes__Sequential Spray of Biodynamic Preparations

Hugo Erbe’s #8 Three Kings Preparation

Hugo Erbe’s #9 Harmonizing Preparation

Milk Spray & Milk Honey Spray_ Directions

Pfeiffer BD Compost Starter

Pfeiffer BD Field & Garden Spray

Pfeiffer_ Using the Pfeiffer BD Compost Starter in the Home Garden

Pfeiffer_BD Compost Starter & Field Spray

Pfeiffer_Instructions for Building Compost Pile

Recommendations for Crops-Sequential Sprayings-Ashing – Applied Biodynamics article by Hugh Courtney

Seed Soak With BD Preps AB 1994Applied Biodynamics article by Hugh Courtney

Seed Soaks With BD Preparations_Excerpts & Notes 2015 – Applied Biodynamics article by Pat Frazier

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Published on Dec 4, 2015

In this video biodynamic gardener L.A. Rotheraine challenges the theories of Charles Darwin using biodynamic tomatoes to show Darwin did not take heavenly energy into account in the creation of earthly life.

Tomatoes L.A. Rotheraine and Charles Darwin