Just Published! Applied Biodynamics Spring/Summer 2017

Featuring an interview with long time biodynamic orchardist Hugh Williams.

This issue includes:

  • Threshold Farm ― Fundamental Biodynamics, Interview with orchardist Hugh Williams and Hanna Bail (M. Biltonen)
  • Fruit Thinning for Balance, Taking Cuttings for Grafting
  • History, Impact, and Fate of Skyline Organic Farm in Topanga Canyon: A Conversation with Stefan Hagopian (K. Moneymaker)
  • Spring and Summer Use of the Biodynamic Preparations (A. Porter)
  • Transition, Hope, and Service to Community: Reflections Upon 2016 at JPI (P. Frazier)
  • JPI Search for New Executive Leadership (P. Frazier)
  • JPI Board of Director News (P. Frazier)
  • Call for Board Members
  • Welcome New Editors
  • World Biodynamic Farming Day

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