JPI Announces Search for New Executive Director

The JPI Board of Directors is pleased to announce that they have launched a search to provide the Institute with a new Executive Director. Details of the announcement are below. The search will remain open until new leadership is hired.

JPI Executive Director Job Announcement

Position Summary:  The Executive Director ensures that the day-to-day operations of our office, farm, and preparation making facilities are properly overseen and nurtured in alignment with JPI’s mission, vision, and guiding service principles. (For details, visit Programmatic responsibilities include supervision and oversight of biodynamic preparation production and distribution, the JPI Farm, and biodynamic preparation education and research. Responsibilities related to administration and general operating activities includes fiscal management, fundraising, communications, and business development.

The JPI Board of Directors has identified three key projects that are vital to the future of the Institute as a national headquarters for biodynamic preparations –

  • Development of our recently purchased 25-acre property into a Demeter certified farm organism
  • Development and implementation of an improved distribution plan for preparations
  • Active participation in growing a vibrant network of national, regional, and local relationships for the shared purpose of strengthening the biodynamic community and the practice of biodynamic preparation-making

Working with the support and guidance of the Board of Directors, new executive leadership will provide the passion, commitment, and abilities for leading JPI in the development and implementation of a five-year strategic plan focused on these three critical goals.

Reports To:  JPI Executive leadership reports to the President of the JPI Board of Directors.

Ideal Qualifications, Experience, and Leadership Style:

  • Minimum education of a bachelor’s degree
  • A commitment to JPI’s mission and vision supported by a strong level of respect for biodynamic preparation making as a craft and spiritual practice
  • Ability to travel as a representative of JPI at least 20% of time
  • Preferred farming experience with biodynamic preparations and regenerative agricultural practices
  • Leadership or management experience with for-profit businesses, nonprofit organizations, or entrepreneurial initiatives
  • Strong organizational abilities including a capacity for setting and achieving strategic goals, budget management, and creative problem-solving
  • Strong written, verbal, and online communication skills
  • Basic knowledge of nonprofit fundraising and marketing strategies
  • An approachable leadership style that treats everyone with humility, interest, and respect
  • Good at sharing the “big picture” with employees so that they can connect the dots between their job and JPI’s organizational culture that exemplifies a deep love and respect for the healing work of biodynamic preparations
  • Solid experience in community networking and the capacity to build effective collaborations with diverse groups and influential individuals
  • Self-knowledge related to one’s level of confidence and the ability to recognize limits, handle risks and ask for help when needed

Locations: JPI’s storefront office is located in Floyd VA – a small rural town that offers a vibrant eco-friendly community. And our 25-acre farm with preparation-making facilities is headquartered approximately 10 miles east of town in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and along the headwaters of Little River, nestled between our environmentally conscious neighbors – Spikenard Farm Honeybee Sanctuary and Riverstone Organic Farm.

Compensation: The Executive Director is an exempt position requiring on-site management. We strive to offer living wages that are commensurate with professional experience and responsibilities. Full-time employees receive 12 paid holidays as well as 12 vacation days per year. Health insurance and retirement benefits will be negotiated at six-month performance review. Relocation expenses are negotiable.

Job Description: Available to download at

Application Process: For questions, please do not call the JPI office. Rather, you may send an email to Pat Frazier, the JPI Board President, at with “New Executive Leadership” as the subject line. To apply, please use the same email address and subject line as shown above to send the following information:

  • Cover Letter
  • Resume
  • Three References with their name, title, phone, email, and brief description of your professional relationship to them