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All JPI’s preparation products are made from the highest quality natural materials available, and are non-toxic. We also strive to produce biodynamic preparations made from plants that we grow, or that are wild-crafted, chemical-free, or organic.

Based on indications given by Dr. Rudolf Steiner, all nine biodynamic preparations (BD #500 to 508)  should be used as a totality that is customized to achieve a healthy balance for your land.

In general, Biodynamic Sprays (BD #500, #501, #508) are most effective AFTER the soil has been first enriched by compost or manure treated with the BD Compost Preparations (BD #502-507). Although immediate results may be observed, the benefits of BD preparations are usually seen over a four-year transition period.

Each JPI preparation product comes with instructions. However, complimentary articles and instructions sheets for biodynamic preparations are also available HERE.


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