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Biodynamic Preparations

Sequential Spray Kits (for weather extremes)

BD Sequential Spray Kit #1: $24.00 Includes one unit each of BC, BD #500 Horn Manure, BD #501 Horn Silica, and BD #508 Horsetail BD

Sequential Spray Kit #2 Pre-Potentized: $26.00 Includes one unit each of BC, BD #500(X) Horn Manure BD #501(5X) Horn Silica, and BD #508 Horsetail.

Developed by Hugh Courtney, a sequential spray of all of the biodynamic preparations can be used to balance hot, dry, droughty conditions. It can also be used to moderate conditions with too much moisture.

Complimentary article (pdf): For Weather Extremes: Sequential Spray of Biodynamic Preparations For additional information, visit: JPI Preparation Articles ; Instruction Handouts

Associative Contract deadline has been extended to April 31st!

We will be extending the deadline for applying for an Associative Contract with JPI. We have heard from our biodynamic community that during this crisis,  more time is needed for this service. Click this popup to continue to our Associative Contract page.