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Biodynamic Preparations

Prepared BD #500 Alex Podolinsky Method (BD Spray Preparation)

BD #500 stimulates seed germination, root growth and humus formation. Use when planting, transplanting, or turning in cover crops. Prepared BD #500 includes BD #502-507. It is the same as BD #500, but with added influences of the BD Compost Preps for situations where there is not sufficient BD compost.

This preparation was created by Alex Podolinsky (Australia). In Australian practice, although “Prepared” 500 was initially used only after two years application of regular BD #500, further experience now calls for its use from the very beginning of conversion to biodynamic agriculture in virtually every case.

How to use Prepared BD #500 Stir vigorously for one hour. Spray to soil immediately. Best results are achieved when used periodically throughout the season. One unit is enough for up to one acre when stirred properly.

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