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Biodynamic Preparations

BD #501g (Gold Potentized) Horn Silica (BD Spray Preparation)

BD#501g should be been used after having used BD#500.

Horn silica (501g) stimulates photosynthesis and the ripening process, regulates leaf growth, enhances flavor and storage quality. Our gold-potentized version of 501 contains 24k gold that has been potentized homeopathically. Homeopathic gold brings more of the influence of the alchemical Sun to bear in the garden, bringing more light into the garden, enhancing ripening. 

In some biodynamic experiments, gold-potentized water seems to mitigate the negative influence of solar eclipses. We recommend 501g for bringing more of the balanced solar influence into play when there are inauspicious astronomical aspects in the sky (such as blackout times), especially inauspicious times in relation to the Sun. It is generally advisable to stir before a blackout time.

When seeds are treated with gold-potentized water and germinated during a solar eclipse, they do not show the same deleterious effects as other seeds without the enhancement with gold.

When the Sun is obscured in the sky, we can bring its influence into play by introducing gold between the plant and the obscuring constellation. 

How to use BD #501g Stir vigorously for one hour in sufficient water to meet your application requirements. Apply immediately to foliage. Apply periodically during the growing season. One unit is enough for one acre when stirred properly. Spray in the early morning.

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