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Readings in Goethean Science by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe; Edited by Herbert H. Koepf and Linda S. Jolly

An introduction to Goethe’s natural scientific writings, this book provides an alternative approach to “a science of living nature,” one that goes beyond simple numbers and measurements. Goethe’s development of morphological thought is a disciplined methodology that provides such an alternative. Through such observation, we can being to see the essence of living nature. Rudolf Steiner derived his theory of knowledge from Goethe’s practice of natural science – and hence our understanding of biodynamic agriculture is tied to Goethe’s approach. This book contains five writings by Goethe, as well as two by Rudolf Steiner.



From the Scientific Writings of Goethe
Explanatory Words on the Essay “Nature”
Happy Encounter
Perceptive Judgment
Experiment as Mediator between Object and Subject
From A Theory of Knowledge Implicit in Goethe’s World Conception by Rudolf Steiner
Inorganic Nature
Organic Nature