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Isis Mary Sophia: Her Mission and Ours by Rudolf Steiner

A Selection of Writings and Lectures on the Divine Feminine

  • “Before we know that Christ is a reality, it is difficult to convince us that we have to work on ourselves. John’s Gospel is the way to Christ. The writer gives the reader every opportunity to understand. Those who purify their astral bodies and develop Spirit Self in themselves will approach, in spirit, the wisdom in themselves that allows them to understand what Christ is. Christ himself indicated this way. He hangs on the cross. Below him stand his mother and the initiated disciple whom he loves. The disciple is expected to bring to humanity wisdom, knowledge of the meaning of Christ. Then, Mother Sophia is evoked in these words: ‘Here is your mother, whom you must love.’

    “The spiritualized mother of Jesus is the Gospel itself. She is wisdom, leading humanity to the highest insights. The disciple gave us Mother Sophia, meaning he wrote a Gospel for us that allows anyone who looks into it to learn to know Christ, who is the source and goal of this great movement [Spiritual Science].” —Rudolf Steiner (Nov. 25, 1907)

The rebirth of the feminine surrounds us in many forms—from the global movement for women’s rights to a renewed interest in feminine spirituality, the Goddess, and the Divine Mother. What is the spiritual meaning of this rebirth? What is the feminine divine? Who is she?

The feminine divine has had many names in many cultures: Ishtar in Babylon, Inanna in Sumeria, Athena, Hera, Demeter, and Persephone in Greece, Isis in Egypt, Durga, Kali, and Lakshmi in India. She is the Shekinah of the Cabalists, and the Sophia of the Gnostics. To Steiner, she is Anthroposophia (or Divine Wisdom), who descended from the spiritual world and passed through humanity to become now the goal and archetype of human wisdom in the cosmos.

This book contains most of Steiner’s statements on Sophia. We see him “midwifing” the birth of the Sophia, the new Isis, and divine feminine wisdom, in human hearts on earth. Each chapter explores the mystery of the various relationships of Sophia: Sophia and Isis, Sophia and the Holy Spirit, Sophia and Mary, the mother of Jesus (and Mary Magdalene), Sophia and the Gnostic Achamod, and Sophia and the New Isis.

Above all, in a remarkable way, Steiner makes clear the relationship of Christ and Sophia.


  • Introduction by Christopher Bamford
  • Prologue: Living Thinking
  1. Sophia, the Holy Spirit, Mary, and Mary Magdalene
  2. Wisdom and Health
  3. The Nature of the Virgin Sophia and of the Holy Spirit
  4. Isis and Madonna
  5. Wisdom and Love in Cosmic and Human Evolution
  6. The Being Anthroposophia
  7. The Gifts of Isis
  8. From the Fifth Gospel
  9. Sophia and Achamoth
  10. The Legend of the New Isis
  11. The Search for the New Isis, 1
  12. The Search for the New Isis, 2
  13. Sophia and Pistis
  14. Michael, Sophia, and Marduk
  15. A Christmas Study: The Mystery of the Logos