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Handbook for Rhythmical Einreibung: According to Wagman/Hauschka; Edited by Monica Layer

Rhythmic Einreibungen are gentle forms of therapeutic massage that can be used by nurses, care givers, and therapists familiar with the methods and principles of Anthroposophy. The German word Einreibung refers to the application of oil or ointment to the body. The methods, first developed eighty years ago by doctors Ita Wegman and Margarethe Hauschka, were initially used only in medicine and nursing, but they have since been applied more broadly in other areas of health care, nursing homes, hospitals, clinics, special education, and social therapy.

This clear, comprehensive manual is intended for all those who wish to use rhythmical Einreibungen professionally or to renew and deepen their knowledge; those who have had some training in the field and want to deepen their knowledge; those who teach rhythmical Einreibungen; and those who would like an in-depth introduction to this effective healing method.