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Dirt Farmer's Dialogue: 12 Discussions About Bio-Dynamic Farming by Carsten Jens Pank

“The balance of nature dissolves faster than we could possibly destroy it. At any given time two things are happening simultaneously in regard to the balance of nature. Biological processes are building up towards a point of balance and biological processes are dissolving away from balance. Balance of nature is never an existing status. Agriculture today is seriously suffering from this error in thinking, under which the balance of nature has been widely regarded as a desirable status. In trying to contemplate living nature, scientists, in their thinking, have essentially done what one does when one looks at the photograph of a moving object, let’s say, a jumper photographed in midair with a high speed camera. On the photograph the athlete appears motionless, suspended in the air, yet we know only too well that this was never the case in reality.”

“What is important for us to understand is that a landscape is the environment of regions and farm organisms, and this in turn is subjected to the relationship of our earth to the planetary system, to cosmic influences. Further, it is important for us to understand, that a farm organism can only live in a healthy environment, that is, a healthy harmonious landscape. Farms that are located in areas where there is no bush or tree, where there is nothing else but wheat field or nothing but corn fields, such farms are at best vegetating, if they can be called farm organisms at all.”

Author Bio: Carsten Jens Pank was bon in 1931 in northern Germany. He gathered nearly 30 years of practical farming experience in many types of farming, under various farming conditions in three different countries. He also has well over 20 years of practical experience with the biodynamic farming method, including many years on his own 340-acre dairy and grain farm in central New York.